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My name is Annika, I am a Heritage and Museum Studies major, and I am taking Doing Digital History to fulfill an HMS requirement. As of right now, this sounds like a very interesting class. I’m interested to learn more about the process and more behind-the-scenes of digital history, because I use digital history and digitized collections all the time. They are such a valuable and useful resource. I often get distracted during research projects because I’ll start looking at some website and their collections or whatever else piques my interest.

My twin brother and I, being the world’s coolest babies.

I’m not terribly used to blogging, especially not about myself and any sort of academics I’ve done. But I guess this is going to be the place to explore that this semester!

More about myself, I guess? As noted above, I’m a twin. We’re fraternal, before anyone asks. Coincidentally we’ve both ended up in the same town for college, though at different schools and for very different majors. I am interested in history, sewing, and art. Our interests overlap at art, because my twin is an animation major.

Twin FAQ:

Are we identical? Please see above.

Do we get along? Very well, most of the time.

Which one of us is the evil twin? Both, actually.

Who’s older? Me. I had a whole two minutes of this world to myself before my brother came along.

Did we ever invent our own language? No, but we are 100% super telepathic so it doesn’t matter. This is totally scientifically supported…

Our Halloween costume 2021.

Aside from the twin nonsense, I’m excited to experiment with putting something of myself out on the internet, because I have no social media so that’s not happening otherwise.

Some other things about myself are that I love sewing (I actually have a job in the costume shop on campus), I taught myself how to embroider when I was 11 years old, which is what started me on the sewing path in the first place. I’ve picked up a lot of other crafts along the way, I enjoy drawing, learning how to make earrings was the most dangerous thing that ever happened to me. I have an absurdly large collection of jewelry, a good chunk of which I’ve made myself, most of the rest of it is vintage or antique.

Sewing and hobbies normally direct a lot of my non-school related research. I picked up some antique scrimshaw earrings, which is pointing me in the direction of doing research on scrimshaw and the history of other nautical crafts. Where did this tradition come from? What are some of the more common art styles employed by sailors? What is the most prolific form of finding that we have? What are the best or easiest bones to carve? What animals did sailors get bones from? How many other examples of scrimshaw earrings are there? When were the ones I have made? What are stylistic indicators for different eras? Maybe I will find answers to some of these questions and write something up about it at a later date. To be seen.

With the confidence that I can go back and edit this later, hopefully posting something will actually allow this blog to work (fingers crossed).






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  1. Belem Ortega Avatar
    Belem Ortega

    I also enjoy drawing! I’ve been trying to get out of a very long art block, but I always try to at least doodle random things in my sketchbook. I am also interested to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of digital history, since I often use digitized collections as useful resources for information on topics I’m interested in (also the best way to go down a rabbit hole). And lastly— PLEASE tell me that’s a Jigen & Lupin costume that you and your brother are wearing (Lupin III is one of my favorite animes)!

  2. Belem Ortega Avatar
    Belem Ortega

    I also enjoy drawing, it’s the main hobby I do whenever I get some free time during the day! I haven’t dabbled much in making jewelry, but it’s super cool that you make your own earrings to wear. Also— PLEASE tell me that is a Jigen & Lupin costume that you and your brother did for Halloween (Lupin III is one of my personal favorite anime series)!

  3. Belem Ortega Avatar
    Belem Ortega

    It’s super cool that you make your own jewelry! My sister spends a lot of money on buying handmade earrings, but I’ve always wondered if it would be less costly for her to make her own. Also, PLEASE tell me that is you as Jigen and your brother as Lupin for Halloween (Lupin III is one of the best animes of all time)!

    1. Annika Avatar

      Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you recognized it! Yes, we went as Lupin and Jigen for Halloween last year. I love Lupin III soooo much, I’ve just gotten into it again with Lupin Zero (which was super cute, if you haven’t seen it).

  4. Caspian (they/them) Avatar

    Hey Annika! We’ve talked briefly before during last semester, but I didn’t know you were into embroidery and jewelry making! I, myself have only recently gotten into it in the last year and a half-ish due to a jewelry and crafts class I took in highschool. Although the jewelry bit has been a bit harder to continue with, I’ve been slowly working on embroidering a jean jacket and would love to hear about any current projects you might have going on!

  5. Tasha Avatar

    Hello Annika! I really love the way you write it is right up my alley in terms of comedic and sarcastic effects :). I also enjoyed reading your post as I have already had the chance to speak to and around you a little bit due to being in class once together already (HMS gang). It is cool that you are a twin and I suppose from my end it seems interesting as I come from a family with 4 kids, so I have 3 siblings, and we are close in age, but none of us are twins. I get a long with my brother now, we have a year and ten months in between us, but when we were kids we were at each other’s throats. I love your creative nature and this is something I began to be able to discover later in life as I made my own money and thus allowed myself hobby money haha. I am working on improving my embroidery and I am a bit of vintage girly myself when it is possible, although in terms of clothing this can be difficult as plus size vintage is a small market (though it is growing!), especially in the midwest, surprisingly enough. I look forward to the future exploits of your blog!~

  6. Skye Auka Avatar
    Skye Auka

    Hi Annika! I also like art! even if I don’t do it much anymore. I think it’s really cool that you embroider and sew. I just started embroidery and sewing. I am very bad at it and very much so admire those who have had it as a hobby for a long time! Also that photo of you and your twin as babies is truly one of the coolest photos I’ve ever seen. I really enjoy the way you write and this post was very entertaining to read. I also very much so love the halloween costume photo.

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